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CharacterBank Inc.

Embracing the power of character allows us to live a life of lasting achievement and fulfillment.

HexaBIM Tech Inc.

Constructing a digital world before building in the physical world

Golden Heritage Living

Unlocking senior living excellence globally - More than a retirement village

Athena Smart Cities

Smarter way to build safer, sustainable, inclusive and enjoyable cities

Interbio International Inc.

Waste to Organic mineral fertilizer solution provider

Cybernatics Technology Group Inc.

Global digital technology solutions consultancy and systems integration provider. We see what you don't see.

Trailblazer Consulting Group Inc.

Combination of technology transformation, strategic marketing, and financial expertise to incubate and accelerate companies towards IPO readiness.

Asia BioFuel Corporation

Your solution for future energy crises. Explore how we're revolutionizing the biofuel industry with our cutting-edge business model and unwavering commitment to a greener future.

Circle Climate Corporation

CCC's mission is to disrupt the existing inefficient and environmentally damaging supply chain by building a series of new, smaller, and more efficient recycling plants.

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